Sunday, October 2, 2011

Preparing Your Homes For The Rainy Days!

With the two recent typhoons that hit the Philippines and the fact that I am not currently staying with my family in the house, it is just expected that I am constantly worrying about the safety of my family.  Just glad that these calamities were over and just today, they have done some general cleaning in the house which is normally the case after the onset of a strong typhoon.

I have compiled the following handy tips preparing your homes for the rainy season, hope it helps :

1.)  Check your roofs for holes or any damage and do the necessary repairs, at once.  If possible, have your roofs repainted regularly to increase it's life span.

2.)  Check the gutters and downspouts for any dry leaves or other debris that can cause these gutters and downspouts to clog up.

3.)  Get rid of any containers, plastic bottles or any other objects that can collect and stagnate water.  This is to prevent creating a breeding place for the mosquitoes which can cause malaria fever.

4.)  Always get ready with dry rags, old newspapers and clean mops as floors are expected to be always wet during the rainy season and if not properly looked into, this can cause accidents.

5.)  Clean those areas under the sink and closed spaces and check for any possible leaks.  These areas can also be a home for insects and mosquitoes.

6.)  Check your pantry area and stock up on some grocery items like canned goods, biscuits, coffee mixes and other foods that can be stored for longer period of time.

7.)  Check your stocks on your medicine cabinets or first aid kit and replenish those medicines such as fever medicines, cough medicines and cold tablets.  If possible, stock some bottles of Rubbing Alcohol to disinfect your hands and feet especially when you need to go out and step on muddy places and flooded areas.

8.)  Be ready with your emergency lights and flash lights.  Have these charged or stock up on extra batteries that you can use as well for your portable radios.

9.)  Have enough packs of candles and matches as power outage is very evident during heavy rains and typhoons and we are not sure how long power outage will last.

10.) Make sure you have enough stock of rice and secure this on big plastic containers to avoid getting wet.

Finally, bring out those table games so that the family members will have some leisure activities indoors since there is no other way of entertainment during typhoons as electric power supply is usually being cut off at this time.

These are only some of those things that I can think of and what I normally do myself.  It pays to be ready and prepared during these difficult times.  Safety should always be our first priority.

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