Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple Table Setting That You Can Do At Home

pics courtesy of hgtv

There are various ways to set up your dining tables ranging from the most complex to the simplest. It depends on the occasion, visitors or your own preference as a host. But the basic idea is to keep it functional and pleasing to the eye. Formal table setting is more rigid and there's so much attention to details.

Normally a typical table setting consists of dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, bread knife, dinner fork, salad fork, dinner knife, salad knife, water glass, Wine Glass and Dinner napkin. However on the above photos, you would notice that it is considered a basic set up consists only of dinner plate, table napkin, dinner knife, spoon, dinner fork, teaspoon, salad fork, water glass and bread plate. 

The basic rule is to arrange the utensils according to how the dishes are served. The idea is you have to go from outwards going in. Salads typically are served first, thus the salad fork is always at the most outer part on the left side.

Water glasses are always served on your right side while table napkins can be placed on the left side of the dinner plate, on top of the dinner plate or onto the water glass.

To make an attractive table setting, one must have some ideas on "napkin folding". Sometimes, this is the one that make the entire table setting attractive.

So I guess, everyone of us should have a basic know how on table setting as it is more likely that everyone is throwing dinner parties at home. Making your table attractive with all those center pieces and a well set up dinner wares and utensils will surely impress your guests.


  1. thanks for this reminder, krizza ;) the utensils can really get overwhelming with fine dining at times :D

    also, another fun tip i read for table setting is to mix and match the dinner wares. you can use two different color/styles of plates, cups, saucers, etc., as an alternative to the usual monotonous theme ;)

  2. Yup KM! Ang new trend ngayon ay "mix and match". Combining colors and accentuating. Thanks for your substantial inputs on my posts dear! :)


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