Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where Are The Fishes?

Where are the fishes? 

This has been my son's remarks after seeing the mini fish pond in our pocket garden.  He's been telling me that he has bought a number of cute fishes of various sizes for the fish pond and he's been diligently taking care of them.  He's been cleaning the mini pond regularly and add up some water lilies and he's been very happy with his collection of fishes.  Until one day, when he checks on the fish pond, the fishes were all gone! 

He tried to solve this mystery by discretely observing the pond from the window on the front bedroom.  At times, he would peep on the alley going to the mini pond hoping to see who is the culprit.  His efforts paid off when one day, he discovered that the culprit is a stray cat who's been visiting our house without permission (lol).  Yes! That stray cat caught and eat the fishes one by one every night.

When my son informed me about this thing, I was really wondering how good is this cat to be able to catch those fishes in the pond one after the other.  So,  I asked my son...if that is the case, then how are we still able to have fishes on that pond.  

The solution?  My son asked someone to fabricate for him a net cover on a wooden frame to protect the fishes from being attacked by this cat. Tsskk...

Hope that solves the problem! 


  1. oo nga naman, saan nga kasi napunta ang mga isda? hehe!

    ganda naman ng house nyo, krizza! :)

  2. awwww poor fish that cat needs a spanking hehehe. That net cover is indeed a great idea for the safety of your son's fish.

  3. Thank you KM! Medyo mahilig lang kasi kami mag ayus ng house. Mahilig me sobra sa plants at garden. Madami me plants all around the house. I think that helps.

    Thanks for the visit! :)

  4. Hi Sam D.! ...oo nga siguro naman that cat would stop na from eating the fishes (lol).

    Thanks for being here, Sis. :)

  5. Ay! Missing in action? Hehehe. You got a really nice house Krizza.

    Thanks for swinging by at

    See yah!

  6. Hi Lainy! Thanks for the compliments. Thanks for being here, too. Will visit u more later..

    Have a nice day! :)

  7. hi. i like the small garden. thanks for share.


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