Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wooden Picnic Tables

If I would have the chance, I would love to invest on some cool picnic tables.  I'm basically an outdoor person and one thing that relaxes me most is sitting on an outdoor room, porch, terrace or in the garden area.  Why not? Apart from getting fresh air, I also have the chance to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings and watch my garden with all it's flowers in full bloom.

I'm just thinking that I would love to have wooden picnic tables this time.  Something like this:

Photo Credit :

These marvelous designs can actually be ordered online.  Just not sure if they ship to all countries but I'm thinking if I just need to fabricate my own design and ask our regular wood carpenter to do it for me.  Well....he has done quite a good number of wood projects for me in the house and his works are acceptable.

But if you are the fussy type, then you may consider ordering online.  There are lots and lots of designs to choose from.


  1. they are so beautiful... they look really functional...

    very inspiring talaga mga posts mo dito krizz... makes me dream and plan my future home...

    keep it up!

  2. i like the second and last pictures. mas tipid na sa space charming pa :)

  3. Hi Km! Nice to see u back...Me din mas type ko yung round shape. Really cute!

  4. Thanks Rovie! Okay lang yun Rovie...libre naman mangarap di ba? I'm sure you're on its way there very soon. If u build your new house, don't forget to swing by here for the ideas, ha? :)

  5. hi.. I order almost every thing online. It is cheaper and on my door after a few days..


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