Sunday, November 13, 2011

Before And After!

I'm happy with the result of our home make over a couple of months ago. I was able to change the color scheme of my living room and kitchen to the color I want which is bright orange, black and white. Changes we've made were the following:

Reupholstered the living room sofa set to black leather

cost : Php12,000 or $280

Reupholstered the throw pillows and bean bags to white leather

cost : Php2,000 or $46

Replaced the window panels from the original french windows with a combination
of steel and glass to tinted sliding glass windows with window grills.

cost : php37,000 or $860 (materials plus labor)

Replaced the divider (entertainment wall unit) which we just bought from a
furniture shop last time to a personalized wall unit made of textured wood and
clear glass with pin lights, electrical compartment, and special fluorescent
lamps with blue lights.This was painted with orange and white combination to
match the color motif.

cost : Php9,000 or $209 (materials plus labor)

Replaced two units of TV set in the living room and dining area from the
traditional box type to LCD flat screen TV.

Cost : Php36,500 or $849

Purchase of carpet and repainting of the center table and side table

Cost : Php3,000 or $70

Repainting of the entire living room, dining area and kitchen to the new color
motif of bright orange and white.

Cost : Php3,000 or $70

Wall Murals at the Dining Area

cost : Php1,000 or $23

Total Expenses incurred for the "make over"

Php100,500 or $2,337

Here's the final outcome:

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  1. Wow! Ang ganda pala ng house mo sis! Labor of love and fruit of your labor talaga. I think it is all worth it.

    So orangeeee! Hehehe.. Pang Orange Tuesdays talaga ha. Silip lang dito kahit wala pa ring net. Hehe

  2. It's a family effort Sis!We all worked towards achieving what we actually wanted. I love interior decorating. It keeps me stress free especially pag nakikita kong maaliwalas ang bahay ko. I want everything to be pleasant to the eyes. Everytime I go back for a vacation, natutuwa akong makita na may pinupuntahan yung pinagpapaguran ko all through these years.

  3. hello! buti naman at you like orange. yay! yun ang ginawa ko eh. Please give me your email address para masend ko na sayo yung template at mainstall mo na. I hope that you'll like it!

  4. hmmm.. not much of an orange fan, but that sure looks really nice :)

    by the way, do you mind checking out on My Classic Neighbor?

  5. I really like the art-full wall.

  6. You have a talent for designing homes. Salat yata ako sa talent na yan. Buti na lang I have a sister na interior designer. I'll leave the designing to her.

    Ganda ng house nyo. Ang masasabi ko lang, God bless your home.

  7. WOW! Sobrang elegant Krizz. I love the new look of your new home. Your living room and Windy's have one thing in common- painted with orange :-) I think it's so cool.

  8. @ GbSb and Silver girl, thanks a lot!

    @ Chin, thanks a lot Chin! I'm glad that you appreciated our new design. Hilig ko lang talaga, actually ng buong family. Tulong tulong kami dyan. we consolidate all our ideas.

    Thanks for the visit Chin!

  9. @ Lainz, kasi yung bagong trend ngayon sa color scheme for the living room yung medyo vibrant and striking. Di nakasi ganu uso yung mga pale colors sa ngayon. kaya naisip namin yang ganyang color motif. Nakita ko na yung kay Windy. Ang ganda din, class ang dating! :)

  10. Its so beautiful!! Kaya lang di ko pa afford magpa makeover sa house namin..

    Php 100,000 is so nakakalula!

    Visiting you from OT.
    Hope you can visit my OT entry and join my birthday giveaway.

  11. @ MC, Thanks MC...never mind, you can do it later or maybe you can find other options which is a way cheaper but still looks good. Creativity is the key! Thanks for visiting.

  12. wow.. ang ganda ng house mo sis.. now I'm falling in love with orange too..:)

    First Haircut
    Jungle Safari Cake

  13. @ January, thanks for the compliments Sis! I saw a lot of orange themed living rooms on magazines and I really told myself that I would apply it to my own house. Thanks God, it materialized.

    Thanks for the visit, sis :)

  14. what a pretty house and looks homey too. Thank you for sharing Sis. Wow! you have a talent in decorating. How I wish I have that talent too, unfortunately no! Dropping some late LOVE FOR orange Tuesdays, hope that you can return the favor too.

  15. I love the murals..
    wow! bonggang make over mommy ah!
    thanks fro joining!


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