Thursday, November 3, 2011

Decorating With Candles

I love candles and I used to collect candles of various shapes, sizes and colors. But do you know that candles are great accents for any room in your homes?

Creativity is the key! Just take a look at the following designs:

Photo Credit : hgtv

I especially like the idea of collecting clear glasses and vases and I use these for various purposes. You can make these as candy jars, to hold some river rocks and stones and of course as candle holders. I don't know but I just find clear vases and glasses versatile and elegant. I love to decorate clear vases with shiny river stones and put some candles on top. This adds drama in your living room. Put in on your dining table and you are set on creating a romantic atmosphere for late dinners with your family and friends. There are various ways to design candle holders. Your only limit is your imagination!

I would love to try one this coming Christmas season. You can also make use of colored square dish if you want a variation. Candles are really a great way to decorate your homes on any occasion and the choice of color also have symbolic meanings. Of course, you will never go wrong with white candles because this symbolizes purity and innocence and is believed to be an effective way to cleanse both mind and spirit. Use scented candles and you're off to a relaxing mood.

These are only some of the so many reasons why I love to decorate with candles.


  1. thanks for sharing sis Krizza..great post here!

  2. Kasama pa din sa mga pangarap ko ang pag collect ng mga candles of different designs pero hindi pa ngayon especially that Bella is still a baby...

    kalat lagi sa bahay dahil lahat ng nakikita gustong paglaruan... hehehe

  3. Ganda naman! It's a good hobby, Krizza. Gusto ko rin ng ganyan, naiinggit ako sa iba lalo na pag nakikita ko ang gaganda ng mga collections nila. KAso lang, di na kaya ng powers, LOL!

  4. my daughter, hubby, I and also my older sister in Cali are all crazy about candles. She always buys different scents in a special candle store and sends them to us. I don't collect it though…because we light them up while I'm cooking and when we’re relaxing at night it makes the house smells so fresh. I know it’s kinda expensive to do that way but we can’t resist not to. :-D

  5. Napapanahon din etong post na to sis. Naalala ko lang just now na pwde sana itong pang Wednesday Whites na meme. Toinks! Nahawa na kay KM sa kaadikan sa mga memes... Hehe

    Ang saya lang! Nasa Pinas na kaya yun ngayon?

  6. Wow! some cozy set of candle holders,
    as for my decoration,
    probably only the antique corner is neat.


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