Sunday, November 6, 2011

Japanese Inspired Architecture

Have you ever dreamed of living in a Japanese inspired house? I do! I only saw some Japanese inspired designs on TV and photos and I just get fascinated with how they could put up all the interior designs in one great work of art using woods in various forms. Walls are often thin and movable. I love their idea of having the rooms divided according to their needs using screens or movable paper walls.

Usually, their living rooms and dining rooms are adorned with lovely bonsais and specially crafted ikebana. Ikebana is a kind of Japanese floral arrangement which is more of a creative expression rather than a simple work of art where nature and humanity are put together. Having this around the house as part of the interior decorations made the entire house looks more pleasant and sophisticated conveying Japanese historical and cultural traditions.

Most Japanese inspired houses has given more emphasis on the flooring. Made of plain woods, floors are usually covered with tatami mats.

Japanese architecture is simply one of the most captivating, innovative and interesting designs that I've seen and their unique style never disappoints those who are seeking for modern, stylish and yet with a touch of traditional architecture.


  1. Ay! Sobrang ganda naman! Kelan kaya ako magkakabahay tulad neto? Bonggang-bongga!

  2. Malapit na Lainy...mga 1 million paid opps na lang. Hahaha!!

    Kidding aside, thanks for being here. I really appreciate it!

    See yah!

  3. Hahahaha! Natawa naman ako don! Di kaya ng powers ko, LOL!

    It's always been a pleasure to be here. I had a hectic day today at work. I'm dead beat.

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  4. Anong hindi kakabasa ko lang ng mga past posts mo at napag alaman ko na grabe ka pala rumaket...Hahahaha!! Full time job, online jobs on the side at sangkatutak na paid opps...whoahhhh

    Baka di lang japanese architecture house maipagawa mo nyan ha!

    Go go girl!!

  5. I like japanese inspired houses kasi minimalist and very elegant. Mangangarap na lang tau nito...

    Kung si KM ang princesa ng Meme si Lainz na ata ang prinsesa ng paid opps! Hahaha

    I'm good sis kaya lang prang sobrang pagod kasi 2 hours lang ang sleep ko for the last 48 hours. Nag aadjust ako kasi kasisimula ko pa lang ng online job ko as content writer.

    Wish ko lang talaga makayanan ko. Hehe

  6. OO Rovs tama ka, si Lainy nga ang prinsesa ng paid opps! Hahaha1 :)

    Eh bakit kasi di mo sa araw gawin yung writing tasks mo Rovs? Masama sa health yung sobrang puyat especially nagpapa breast feed ka ata.

    Sige raket lang, tapos buy ka ng Japanese inspired architecture ha! :)

  7. Uy ha! Di naman masyado, LOL! KOnti nga lang yan ngayong October, nong September nagkatsunami. Di na naulit. I am sure kayo rin balang araw, magkakaroon ng maraming oops.

    And oh Rovz! I am happy for you. Must be some real good money writing for content ;-)

  8. This is sooooooo pretty! If I have the means, my dream house is definitely going to be Japanese inspired. I love having more space and only the essentials. Mas konti lang din ang furniture na lilinisin hehehe.

  9. Thanks for this pretty article!


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