Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Home Blog's New Look!

I just wanted to make a quick post to show my appreciation to my blog pal Ronadelle who was responsible in giving this blog site a "new look". Ronadelle has been into digital scrap booking lately and finds great pleasure deigning her own blogs. She was also the one who designed the latest blog site of another blog pal Rovie.

I was quite ecstatic when Rona told me that she's willing to design my home blog after I mentioned to her my desire to give it a "new look". Rona was able to give justice to my requirements as regards to the choice of color and photos to appear on this site's header. She spent almost half day trying to give the final touches to my hearts content and I can't thank her enough for that! She's so patient and very willing and I just felt delighted with that kind gesture.

As one of my favorite blog pals, I am giving her my full support to this new endeavor. Oh, by the way, she just came up with her new site, I Create, I design, For fun. This is her new site showing her designs collection. Please feel free to visit her site to know more.

Thanks heaps Ronadelle!!


  1. Oh, I'm deeply touched! Thanks for those loving words! ;) Muah! About designing your blog, I enjoyed it so much. I love making friends happy, so enjoy!

  2. @ Rona, thank you dear! good luck to your designing career.

    @ Reese, thanks Reese!

  3. You're welcome Krizza! I have a badge already on my designing site. ;)


    So nice sis. Ang ganda at ang linis ng pagkagawa. Talagang kinakarir ni Ning2 ang blog designs ha...

    Salamat at after 7 days naibalik na din ang connection namin sis. Hehehe...

    Bella's big day will be in 3 days and I am so excited. I would like to thank you for the balloons on Bella's birthday.

    Hugs! Nagparamdam na din pala si Karenina ha. Hehehe

  5. YAY! I so heart the new look, Krizz. Rona did a masterful job. Your blog definitely rocks!

  6. @ Reese and tinkerputt, Thanks ladies!

    @ Rona, Hi Rona, yup, I saw it already. Consider DONE! :)

    @ Rovie, Hi sis! Thanks to Ningning! Hahaha!
    Salamat naman at back to blogosphere ka na. Happy for you sis! :)

  7. @ Lainy, Thanks a bunch Lainz! yup Rona had done a good job. Hihihi!

  8. Lainy, thanks for liking the design!

    Rovie: Karir na to talaga. haha! I love making designs. Cge, next project ko yung My Journey mo.

  9. i didn't know you design blogs sis!! great stuff here.. btw, i am inviting you to join my thanksgiving and win $$$ cash or domain hosting.. you can check the post here http://wp.me/p1xRqU-zg

    see yah!

  10. ok. i'll do the changes when i get back home tom. Dito kasi ako now manila. Will be home by tomorrow night.

  11. parang gusto ko din magpagawa kay rona :D galing galing ;) i-message ko nga sya pag kelangan na ng new look ng blog ko ;)

  12. my bad..i was thinking this is Rona's blog..LOL! sorry for my mistake.. :D i should have left a comment at her blog..lol..

  13. @ KM, yup KM...Rona is very accommodating.

    @ Gagay, ok lang Sis...I understand! No problem.

    @ Rona, Ok Sis... thanks as always! :)

  14. so touching naman! salamat mga fans ko hahah!

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