Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Storage Solution

Your growing stuff in the house will never be a problem if you had already mastered the art of organizing. In today's modern homes, space is always a problem. Most of you might be living in condo units or apartments where the space is very limited and organizing your things as well as your kids is always a challenge. The solution? Some storage furniture are designed to address that problem. Let's take a look at the following options courtesy of pottery barn:

I specially like this storage rack for books and magazines. This can be placed somewhere in your living room and this can be moved or transferred anywhere and anytime you want. I love the flexibility of this organizer.

How about these cottage house book cases? I think these will perfectly fit on any corner of your room.

This storage rack is perfect if you have small kids at home. I especially like the idea of having those separate baskets for the stuff that will be use each day. This will make things easier to keep and easier to take out when needed.

And if your girl's room is quite spacious, why not take this design? This is a one piece wall unit that will store all your girl's stuff in one accessible storage area which is not only functional but decorative. I find it so cute! :)

Take your pick!


  1. Whoaaa...this is what i'm looking for! Thanks krizza for the inspiration! ^_^

  2. The storage racks look really amazing and pretty. Like you said, yes, rack for storing books is looking cute and organised. The cottage book house also perfectly fits anywhere.

  3. @ Mayya, you're welcome Mayya. Please feel free to visit this site for more designs and inspiration. :)

    @ Elvirah, thanks Sis. I'm glad that you like the featured designs here and thanks for your frequent visits. :)

  4. Ate Kriz! I want the pink one! That will look good in my room! LOL Thanks for sharing some tips to keep things organized! ;)

  5. ang hirap pumili, lahat gusto ko. haha! i think yung cottage style bookcases, pwede din organizer sa washroom or laundry room yun. and then yung third one, perfect yun for school kids, at least mababa and no need to reach up if you need to get stuff. yung wall unit naman, parang medyo na overwhelm ako sa dami, pero okei pa din, lalo na kung meron kang dalawang girls na nag-sh-share sa isang room, di ba? ;) i think ang fave ko yung cottage-style :)

  6. ang ganda naman... gusto ko ung pink stuff for bella's future room... hehehe

  7. sobrang gusto ko halos lahat ng products ng pottery barn especially pottery barn kids kaya lang medyo pricey :-)

  8. @ Algene, Yup Algene, cute nga yung pink. Pwede naman yan na paliitin. It depends dun sa size ng paglalagyan mo.

    @ Gagay, thanks Sis!

    @ Rovie, OO Rovs pagawa ka ng ganyan para kay Bella...hehe. Cute talaga yung pink. :)

  9. @ KM, Oo nvga KM. Ako din gusto ko din lahat. IU like the first one for my living room and I like din yung cottage houses for the room or kitchen. Depende what gusto mo i organize. :) If you have little kids, okay yung 3rd para di makalat sa house. Pero winner talaga yung last. Cute kasi at pwede naman change yung size. :)

    @ Sam D., Sis, I know mahal talaga to order ready made. Magaganda kasi products nila at high quality talaga. But, you can just make your own. kunin mo lang yung design. O di ba?

  10. @ KM, sorry....napadami yung typo errors ko sa reply ko sayo. Etong keyboard ko kasi may problema eh. Hehehe

  11. So cute, What a lovely,lovely post, Felicity,
    and thank you WOW!! Great gift idea.....

    Kids Room Design Ideas

  12. Isang daan ulit dito sis bago pumunta sa dapat daanan.

    Xavier days sa Alma Mater ko, ipapasyal ko si Bella...

  13. very nice and all of them are organize, i like all of your storage..
    Wifey Online Diary thanks

  14. I instantly loved the cottage house book storage! So nakakagigil ang kacutean.

  15. Cool storage solutions for different purposes. I love the white shelf with baskets dressed in pink.
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