Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bath Room Organizing Ideas

When we had our windows replaced with tinted sliding glasses few months ago, there were left over brown glasses and since these glasses are quite expensive, we might as well maximize it's usage. So, instead of just leaving these unattended in the storage area or just throw away, we've decided to fabricate organizer racks for the bathroom out of these left over glasses. These racks were used to store some toiletries for easy access and storage.

It was just perfect as it matches our previously installed brown sliding door which actually divides out toilet and bath room. I really loved it's bamboo design which created an elegant look.

Our bath room color motif is blue, so we did our best to coordinate all the colors of the bathroom accessories with a shade of blue from trash can, to floor mat, to wall mirror frame, to wall clock. Everything that you could see in the bathroom is blue or at least have a shade of blue.

We were able to save a few bucks by recycling the left over glasses which were used for our windows. Practical idea, isn't it?

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  1. wow very nice, i like color blue and the design of your tiles.... anyway thank your for joining my site...
    Wifey Online Diary

  2. ganda naman :) yung pagka blue nya eh parang dinala ako sa Boracay bigla ;) tapos may mga fish pa! parang gusto ko mag swimming bigla talaga nung makita ko 'tong bathroom mo. hehe!

    uy, isali mo 'to sa Blue Monday meme :D

  3. @ Lanie, thanks Sis!

    @ KM, sabi kasi ng anak ko ocean daw ang concept ng bathroom namin kaya tamo may mga fishes at pati yung sa ibabaw ng tank ng bowl eh dolphins naman yung decorative piece dun. Actually eh, candle holder yun. Hahaha!

    Sige try ko to isali sa Blue Monday. :)

  4. Ganda naman ng bathroom sis! At talagang pang blue monday ha...

  5. Ganda naman niyan ate Krizza :) Very organized talaga!

  6. Parang bath room sa hotel... Like it!

  7. wow! wonderful. your bathroom tiles were excellent! The colour darken brown is shading my eyesbathroom design ideas


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