Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Decors

I would be home quite late to set up Christmas decors by myself, so I feel happy that both my son and daughter took the initiative to do it. My son just sent me these photos to gave me an idea of how they decorated the front area of the house. He said necessary "finishing touches" would be up to me. He informed me though that they put up Christmas lights around the house until the area surrounding our pocket garden. He was proud to say that it really looks good at night time.

He also informed me that cleaning and decorating the mini fish pond will not be possible at the moment since his gold fish had just produced a number of cute baby fishes(lol). That was actually a surprise to me coz numerous times in the past, our gold fishes die one by one before they get bigger in size.

At any rate, I am looking forward to see everything that's new in the house. I was not there for the past 6 months and the thought of being home once again definitely excites me.


  1. nice decors there sis!!! adgitizing here sis!

  2. Wow! Namana ata nila ang pagka-artistic ni mommy. For sure, mas lalo kang na-excite. Hahaha :D Malapit na talaga ate Kriz! Ilang tulog nalang!

  3. Your house is already beautiful without the Christmas decors. But the decors indeed add that special feeling about Christmas. Your kids did a good job.

  4. naks, ang mga inakay ni krizza, nagmana sa kanyang pagka-organized at creative ;) agang Merry Christmas sa inyo ^^

  5. wow, I love these ideas...really pretty!

  6. ang galing naman ng kiddos mo sis... very artistic and very responsible. I am sure gusto ka nilang ma impress sa pag e-effort nila with all those decors...

    I am so excited for you sis. It will surely be a grand and memorable Christmas reunion for your family.


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