Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Figurine Collection

I was cleaning the living room yesterday when I decided to check my figurine collection inside my curio cabinet. Those Buddha figurines were purchased from Cambodia and those Vietnamese lady figurines were purchased from the Tan Soh Nhat Airport during one of my trips. The calendar girls collection and the blue jars were purchased from a relative who used to sell ceramics from way way back. The last jar was a gift from a friend during the time that I'm still working in the Philippines.

I actually had a number of ceramics in the house as I loved to collect them but now, I already stopped since I work overseas and I hate to see that there's always one broken everytime I get back home (lol).

What I love to collect now are paintings since these are cheap in both Cambodia and Vietnam.

How about you? Do you love collecting things too?


  1. My mother loves collecting figurines ate Krizza! :) Ang cute naman ng own collection mo!

  2. ang gandang collection naman :) di ba mahal yang mga ganyan, kriz? fave ko jan yung vase mo. gano kalaki yan? parang nakakahinayang nga kung mabasag no? dapat nasa childproof area pag ganyan ;)

    ako naman eh parang mas prefer ko i-collect ang painting/wall art... saka bags at shoes. haha!

  3. @ Algene, wow really? mahilig din Mom mo sa figurines? Medyo class kasi tignan ang house pag may mga ceramics display eh.

    @ KM, oo KM medyo may kamahalan ang mga ceramics. Nakahiligan ko lang to dati kasi nga class ang dating ng house pag may mga cermics display at takaw pansin sa mga bisita. So far naman, since maliit pa mga kids, nag start na ako mag collect ng ganyan pero takot silang hawakan kasi takot maserminan...hahaha!


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