Monday, December 12, 2011

Green Outdoors

The family had decided to retain the green theme for the outdoors. From the fence, gates, terrace, outdoor wall paints.

Well.... it should be fine though coz I've been a "green fan" ever since and I just love the "cool effect" of this color to the surroundings. With so many plants and flowering plants around the yard, this definitely gives an exciting view for everyone to see.


  1. Sobrang ganda naman niyan ate Kriz! Fave mo rin pala talaga ang green? Akala ko orange lang. :) I also love green!

    Anyway, welcome back po!

  2. OO Gene, gusto ko din ang green. Both houses namin green lahat ang outdoor paint. malamig kasi sya sa mata. Sensya na ha medyo madalang pa ako makabisita now aksi medyo busy pa but I will be posting another one soon.

    Take care! :)

  3. so true that green brings on some "coolness" to the eyes. my parents love that color too when it comes to painting job in our house :D

    musta naman ang bakasyon, krizza? :) super enjoy no?

  4. Ganda naman ng house nyo sis. Very refreshing talaga sa mata ang green...

    Welcome home sis! Surely magiging busy ka sa mga darating na araw... Enjoy your vacation!

  5. wow very refreshing, i like the color green..

    i follow you site hope you could visit me here and follow me too Wifey Online Diary thanks :-)

  6. @ KM and Rovie, Thanks Sisses! Buti naman at gusto nyo rin pala ang green. Kala ko si Algene lang eh. Hehehe.

    So far okay naman ang bakasyon pero inuuna ko muna yung mga dapat kong tapusin na errands para pag tapos na wala ng abala sa pamamasyal at pag rerelax. :)

  7. @ Simply Kim and Lanie,

    Thank u ladies. Thanks for visiting and for leaving your comments. :)

  8. I colors of the exterior. I hope luxury home builders try and incorporate the same designs to their projects.

  9. The exterior part is perfect. I love the idea of retaining the color of your fence, gate and walls. The color green made the entire house very compelling and cool.

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  10. I read somewhere that the color green is brings luck, I hope that your luck will double.
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  11. That's a really nice theme for your house. I love the color and the design as well. You did a good job on that one.

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