Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kim Chiu's New House

Few days ago, I had the chance to see the video footage from Kris TV featuring Kim Chiu's new house. Prior to this, I already bought YES magazine which also featured some photos from Kim Chiu's new house. Since, I am running a home blog, I'm always excited to see celebrity houses being featured. Not only they are inspiring but you could also get a lot of ideas on interior designs.

Here are some of the photos of Kim Chiu's house featured on YES magazine:

Here is the front view of her new house :

What you can see inside the house:

This is the walk in closet of Kim and you can see how organized she is with her personal things. She has a huge collection of signature bags and shoes and all her clothes were neatly arranged per color. Even her watches and accessories were all properly and neatly arranged. When I watched Kris TV, Kim explained that she loves to collect signature bags and these served as a reward to herself during a hard day's work.

The area outside the house:

Her elegant bathroom complete with a steam room and jacuzzi:

It's very inspiring to see how a young girl struggled to build such a beautiful house for herself and her family. Unlike the others who just content themselves with the luxuries that life can offer while still earning big, Kim Chiu proved to be an exception. She was able to build her dream house with such a short time and as what she said during the interview on Kris TV, she had a painful experience in the past which involves her family and she can very well see how their family struggled paying off their debts and this is one thing that she never wishes to happen again.


  1. ang ganda naman ng house. love the bathroom and pool area, at yung mga shoes, nakakabula ng bibig. LOL. must be nice to have your own house talaga, no? ;)

  2. Thanks for the snaps! Some pix here were not taken by Star Studio.

  3. maganda nga magkaroon ng bahay na ganyan kalaki sa atin pero dito hindi ko wish ang hirap maglinis hehehe. and by the way I would like to leave you a message for new year now in case hindi na naman ako makapag online that day Sis :-/ "May God continue to bless you and your family with divine light, love and power that will bring much love, joy, peace, inner strength and overflowing abundance in your home. Happy New year!" Thanks for being so nice to me...I'm so touch when you start calling me Sis. :-)

  4. watched this in Kris kim chui, parang balisa ang bata durng her house tour.

  5. Wow! Ang sarap tingnan bahay ng mga artista. Especially their walk-in closet, the shoes, the bags hay ang swerte nila.. nakakaingit hehehe


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