Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Found this cabinet with 5 layers shelves on sale. I bought it for Php1,600. I was actually looking for a storage cabinet for my grocery items but I am looking for something tall and slim that would fit the small space beside the refrigerator. Upon seeing this, I just thought it's perfect for my requirement. The materials used are considered of good quality and I like it's color.


  1. ganda naman nito, and very reasonable na ang presyo ah. i like the color too ;)

  2. Great buy, Krizz! Perfect for your grocery items. Classy ang kulay.

  3. Perfect for every kitchen ate Krizza! Organized lahat ng gamit. And yes, it's a best buy!

  4. Bongga naman sis! Very nice and a good buy na at that price...

    If you think of donating pala sa CdO sis, ask ko lang if you have a certain communityor agency na pag bibigyan? Some of our fellor bloggers are starting a group para directly maibigay at makita agad nila ang recipients.

    Kung wala ka pang maisip na bigyan baka you might consider donating to our group na lang. Priority is giving them Blankets and Mats kasi sa community na iyon un daw ang need nila...pls. let me know ha. Ang sister ko ang kontak namin sa Cdo.

    Merry Christmas!


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