Saturday, December 31, 2011

Memories Of A Swing

Do you know that this swing is already more than 10 years old? This was my gift to my daughter Mikz when she was about 3 to 4 yrs old. That time, we were still staying on our first house and since she's always left at home with my Mom and her nanny, as I am busy at work, I've thought of buying this swing so she could have something to play with when bored. If I can remember it right, I just bought it for less than Php6,000, but now, it's so shocking that the price has gone up to about Php12,000 to Php15,000. Luckily, we were able to maintain it by repainting it every two years. Actually, this swing was already repainted with all the possible colors you can think of (lol).

Anything that you bought, if properly taken care of will surely lasts a long time. This is perfect not only for her but for all of us who usually sits here whenever we would like to get a fresh air outside the house. This is also the first place that my kids friends would normally go to whenever they visit the house.

Would you like to have one, too?


  1. One thing I admire about you ate Kriz is you always make sure na di mo napapabayaan ang house mo and most importantly, the kids! :) It looks so new ha, nakakatulong talaga kapag na-rerepaint!

  2. Happy New Year sis!

    Parang bagong bago pa ang swing... Yan na siguro ang ma consider kung one of my weaknesses... hindi ako masyadong maalaga sa mga gamit very opposite kami ni Bren...

    I would like to have one of that siguro pag pwde nang maglaro si bella...hehehe

  3. @ Algene, Oo Algene I am really like that. Maalaga talaga ako sa house ko at sa mga gamit ko. When you get your regular job later and start earning and building your own house, you would realize that it's really tough to have one and so we have to take care of it in a way na di masayang pinaghirapan natin.

    Thanks for compliments anyway! :)

  4. @ Rovie, yeah Sis, I'm sure matutuwa si Bella pag meron syang ganyan pero later na pag medyo lumaki laki pa sya ng konti. :)

  5. Daan din dito... Wala na ang adgitize sis...Diba may ads ka doon?

  6. Suerte talaga ng mga anak mo sayo, Krizz. Maalagang-maalaga ka di lang sa gamit kundi pati na sa mga anak mo. You're such a remarkable woman.

    Mukhang bagong- bago pa ang swing ah, puede mo pang ipamana sa mga apo mo, hehehe!

    Hope you are feeling a lot better now.


  7. Matibay talaga yung mga ganito no? Basta iingatan at i-me-maintain lang tumatagal, and tama si Lainy, pwede pang ipamana sa magiging apo ;)

    Yun palang chat box sa blog ko, free lang yun. Tinry ko lang pero mukhang okei naman. Nakikiuso lang ako kasi dami ko nakitang blogs na ganun ang gamit. Try mo if you want. Fibox yung tawag.

    Inaayos ko pa yung meme - actually ilalagay ko sa sariling blog, kaya medyo kinakarir ko ang construction muna nung blog na yun para makapag start this weekend. Excited na din ako. Hehe!

  8. ganda naman ng swing at nicely painted sya, you are right, tumatagal talaga ang gamit pag inaalagaan ng maayos..


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