Saturday, December 10, 2011

Son's Room

I would like to commend my son for having neatly arranged his blue themed bedroom. He was able to fix his book shelf and entertainment corner as neat as possible. He himself framed all his posters in the room. Naruto is his theme for his bedroom and his color motif is a combination of light blue, white and black.

Hmmm...way to go son! You're slowly adapting my passion for decorating. I'm sure we have a lot more projects to work together when I reached home by Monday.


  1. Wow! Ang bait naman ng son mo ate Kriz! May namana talaga sau :) Good luck sa trip mo!

  2. Galing naman ng son mo sis... Hehehe... Alam ko he is trying his best to impress you... Hehehe

    Happy trip sis! Enjoy your vacation...

  3. naks ! bilib ako sa son mo, krizza. at bilib din ako sa'yo dahil talagang na-pass on mo sa mga anak mo ang passion mo for decorating and organizing ;)

    Have a safe and happy trip. Enjoy every moment of it :)

  4. Thank you ladies! Well...I guess mukang ganun nga because I could see at this early how he loves to decorate and fix the house.

    Yeah....I'm hoping that I would enjoy my trip and being home once again. Thanks for all your well wishes. I appreciate it so much! :)


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