Saturday, January 14, 2012

Glass Houses As Featured On Rated K

I am totally new to a glass house. I have lots of ideas when it comes to house designs and decorations but the idea of a glass house really never gets into my mind until I happened to see one episode on Rated K where the host Korina Sanchez featured "glass houses" of celebrity Mon Confiado and one professor from UP Diliman.

I just can't imagine how it is to live in a glass house where everybody can see your every move inside your own house. I was also thinking if this kind of house would be safe. But, looking at the glass house itself, I find it very elegant. In the house of Mon Confiado, 70% of the materials used is made of glass from the walls, cabinets, pantry area, divider in the shower room...everything is made up of glass. Your privacy in this kind of house is really at stake but like what actor Mon Confiado said, he is not hiding anything nor he has any pretensions or inhibitions, so he is not bothered at all living in a glass house.

But as for me, who has always been a very private person, I could not imagine myself living in this kind of house.

How about you? Would you love to live in a glass house?


  1. dito sis sa near state meron glass house talagang all over including his garage sobrang ganda at mala mansion kaya lang nasa middle siya ng woods kasi nature lover iyong may-ari gusto daw pati sa pagtulog niya kasama pa rin niya nature for me parang ang weird kaya lang beautifully done talaga iyong house kaya hindi mo matiis na hindi humanga. siguro dun nagkaroon ng idea itong guy :-)

    1. Naku as in pati garage? wow naman. Hindi kaya delikado yung ganung bahay especially nas middle of the woods pa kamo. But I'm sure na magandang maganda nga yun at super elegant. Ako man nature lover din pero mahirap naman atang natutulog ka sa gabi tapos nakikita mo yung wild animals sa labas. hahaha!

      Thanks for the visit, Sis!

  2. this reminds me of the saying, "people who live in glass houses should not throw stone."

    medyo parang weird naman ata tumira sa glass house, especially, na napanood ko yung thriller movie entitled The Glass House. lol. pero agree with you, krizza, parang ayoko naman atang natutulog din sa gabi na nakikita ang mga wild animals sa labas, much more eh baka kung ano pang ibang hindi kanais nais din ang makita ko. hehe!

    1. OO nga sinabi mo pa. Medyo parang weird nga talaga. Di ko din ma imagine sarili ko sa loob ng glass house. Hahaha! Although, I would admit na elegant talaga ang look nya. :)


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