Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pokwang's New House At Antipolo

I was in the Philippines for my vacation when I watched the episode on Kris TV featuring the new house of Pokwang at Antipolo. I was really astonished after I've seen the 4 storey house of Pokwang. It was awesome. And...hold your breath, her new house costs Php30 million. I guess, it is all worth it. The interior of the house is tastefully decorated and complete with all the facilities in the house you could ever imagined.

Take a peek on Pokwang's lovely haven. Photos below are screen shots from ABS-CBN Kris TV.

This shot was in Pokwang's living room. Ms Kris cannot help but to show her admiration of the unique and elegant chandelier hung in the middle of the living room ceiling.

Pokwang showing her bedroom to Ms. Kris. Pokwang occupies the whole third floor of that house. Her bedroom, walk in closet, toilet and bath room were really spacious and you cannot help but sigh on how these were beautifully decorated. The furniture, displays and appliances were carefully chosen.

Pokwang showing her walk in closet to Kris who was really amazed at how spacious it is, citing that it's size is even bigger than a small unit in a condominium.

One good trait of Pokwang is being very religious. This prayer room was specifically created upon her request.

The jacuzzi which made Kris scream in astonishment. According to Poky, this can accommodate 6 to 8 people at a time.

This is the kitchen which really really looks big and fabulous. At one point, Ms. Kris asked Pokwang on why she came up with this type of kitchen and Pokwang was almost teary eyed when she answered that this is due to her past experience while she was still struggling with her finances wherein she and her family experienced the feeling of not being able to eat at times.

The very elegant bathroom in Poky's house.

Looking at Pokwang' house during that particular episode at Kris TV had made me admired this humble celebrity who still remains "low profile" despite of all her achievements. She is not as big as other famous showbiz personalities but her kind of house can attest to the fact that nothing is impossible for someone who has a sheer determination to succeed and reach his or her own dream.

Patience, hard work and discipline is the key and we all have to take it from Poky. She is indeed a star in her own right and a one bright shining star on the eyes of her family!

Thumbs up Poky!


  1. Mag-artista na lang kaya ako para magkabahay din ng maganda? hehehe

    1. They all deserved what they acquired from their hardwork and hardships. Hirap ng work nila sis. Lagari. Halos hindi na sila natutulog from shooting, tv shows or concerts here and abroad. Parang hindi ko kaya ang ginagawa nila sis.. I admire them all. :)

  2. Ganda naman ng house ni Pokwang. Truly inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing sis...

  3. wow, ang bongga! may kasama ba sya sa bahay? kasi imagine mo kung ganyan ka spacious ang bahay mo tapos mag-isa ka lang, di ba? okei yung jacuzzi nya. sarap magbabad dun bago matulog ;) pansin ko lang parang pumayat si kris.

  4. wow kaya kailangan pagbutihan ang ngayon para bukas magkaron ng bahay na ganyan lels!!

  5. Ang sarap naman tumira sa ganyan kagandang bahay! Nakakaamaze!


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