Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jake Cuenca's Condo Unit, Featured !

We normally get interested on the houses of female celebrities because it's a well accepted fact that the female genre has a natural taste for arts and decorating, but you might be surprised that even men can be as meticulous as women when it comes to their home sweet home. Let's take a peek at Jake Cuenca's condo unit featured at Kris TV.

During the house tour, Kris was very vocal about her admiration to how organized and neat Jake Cuenca is. From the way he arranged his walk in closet, shoe racks and every bits and pieces around his unit, it is obvious that Jake is indeed a very organized person. I personally like his bed with pull out drawers underneath which is a real space saver. His kitchen is small but very clean and well kept.

This condo unit of Jake is actually two units combined together. As typical for a condo unit, Jake's place is rather limited in size but not in style!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Deals On Prescription Eyeglasses

Have you ever tried purchasing your eyeglasses online? I've seen quite a few online stores selling eye glasses but I didn't really get serious buying one until I've seen this deal from Zenni Optical. I've been hearing a lot of good feed backs from other customers who had availed of their $6.95 prescription eyeglasses. There are various designs to choose from and with the affordable price, anyone will be tempted to get a pair or two. As a consumer, sometimes I am also a bit skeptical about buying products on extra low prices as I am putting the quality in question. That's why it is often wise to check on feed backs by previous customers/users to help you decide. This is the reason why ordering from a reputable store is very important. The quality and affordability of eyeglasses at Zenni had became a "word of mouth" from among consumers and you won't get convinced until you tried one.

Currently a "buy 2 get 1 free" deal is being offered at Zenni and this translates to another savings. So, if there is one or two persons in a family who is into glasses, then considering this promo will perhaps be a good decision.

Wearing eyeglasses has always been a burden for some because of it's huge price, thus it is a relief to find an online shop where you can spend for a good pair of eyeglasses without fear. A set of trendy, but practical eyewear is always available at Zenni for a budget conscious individual who always wanted to get his money's worth.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fire Bricks Stoves And Ovens

Few days ago, I was watching a business oriented show, "Kabuhayang Swak Na Swak" aired on ABS-CBN when I happened to see these Fire Bricks ovens manufactured by JY Fire Bricks. I suddenly felt curious about this product after the factory owner explained it's features as follows:

High temperature capability.
Very High heat insulating property.
Much more economical to use than the ordinary cement or metal stoves because of its insulating properties.
Smokeless when in use;
They will start with just one lighted matchstick.
No fanning or electric fan needed to maintain the fire.
Very easy to use with convenient pull-out firebox to refill charcoal while in use.
Easy maintenance with an ash tray to collect ashes.
No washing or cleaning needed. Only use a brush to dust off ashes.
Safe. No danger of causing explosion.
Thermal crack resistant, will not crack even after repeated cookings.
Being a refractory material, it will not melt, corrode and rust.

You see, these ovens are just operated using charcoals or woods (pugon type) but on a minimal quantity only. So, I find it really economical. Best of all, you will be amazed that even the inside of the oven is burning hot, the outside surface is still cool so it's really safe even you place the oven near the curtain. Best of all, it's smokeless unlike when you are using the ordinary stoves.

They fabricate various sizes and designs to suit your needs. Can be good for your business or even just for home usage. They have smokeless charcoal fed ovens ideal for cooking roasted chicken, roasted meat, lechon and also for baking cakes, pizza, bibingka and cookies.

I think this is a good buy considering that the prices of LPG now is getting higher and higher.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Garden On The Wall?

Living in an apartment prevents us from having much room for our garden. But what if you are a plant lover and you can't afford to live in a detached single house with ample space? Would you give up your passion for gardening? Better not! Every problem has a solution.

In this design by Seth Boor, he made use of a wall space outside the bedroom and converted it to a living wall by customizing a hanging wall garden. Nothing is impossible if you use your creative hands.

How about having a plant box by the window and combining some ornamentals and colorful flowering plants. This definitely would give an exciting look to your windows view.

Photo credit : HGTV

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Japanese Inspired Outdoors

These two outdoor designs of all the many wonderful designs by Horticulturalist and Landscape Designer, Jamie Durie were the ones that caught my attention. I really love the blending of different textures and the simplicity of the design.

I love how the crushed quarts and boulders were combined to make a drama effect. The use of wooden flooring made the entire design of the outdoor garden unique and easy to maintain. I never realized that woods can be substituted to bermudagrass for your lawn. I was just only thinking that it would be nice if it would be a covered lawn to increase the life span of the wooden floor.

The presence of a tatami room in this Japanese outdoor garden is really nice and inviting. The sunken dining area makes it even more unique and appealing. It was so simple yet so classy!

The idea of putting up a stand alone fire place made up of rocks and stones made this outdoor garden truly exceptional. The built in bench in an irregular shape adorned with colorful throw pillows complement the entire set up. Very simple but very elegant!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dividing A Small Space

With the rising number of population, living in a condominium becomes the "in" thing. Most people especially those who are working in the city had put much preference living in a condo unit. However, to make living in a condo unit much affordable, most developers are now coming up with smaller units. Living in a very limited space has always been a challenge for some. Therefore, you have to capitalize on your organizing skills. Photos below show smart ways to divide a small space. Designer John Gidding was effective in making the small area to have functional rooms with style.

This small space was divided into a dining room and working area by using two storage shelves. A space was just created in the middle to serve as the entry way from living room to the working area.

This small space proved that with a creative design, the kitchen can still be separated from the dining area using open storage shelves. The place still looks open and airy and this floor to ceiling shelves can be used to store your beautiful dining wares instead of putting them in the traditional kitchen cupboards. Nice isn't it?

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