Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Simple But Elegant Water Fountain

Have seen this water fountain during our last visit at Cocolime Restaurant inside SBMA. We had our lunch at the garden area. Actually we had Lucio with us that's why we were not allowed to dine inside the restaurant. They have this garden setting just in front of the entrance to the dining area. Since, I'm a nature tripper and a nature lover myself, moving to the garden area had enabled me to enjoy more.

Look at that water fountain above! Its simple but elegant. They just make use of black pebbles and a jar. No more, no less. I really love using river rocks and stones for garden decorations. It's really cool and refreshing.


  1. It's nice indeed. I'm inclined to think that creativity is more inspired when you have to come up with something from very simple items that are usually taken forgranted.

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