Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Steel Ceilings

My project of replacing the entire roofing of my other house into steel trusses is nearly to be completed. They are now on the final stage. I feel relieved knowing that it would now be safe even on the onset of typhoon. Probably, I should start planning for the installation of ceiling on a later stage. For the meantime, I still have to save enough money to fund that project again. I'm looking into installing steel ceilings. Well, I've got this idea after I have seen the ceiling on the above photos. These were taken at Coco Lime when we had our last family lunch prior to my scheduled flight.

I think this type is more durable and I love it's design.


  1. hindi pa ako nakakakita ng steel ceiling sis :) kung hindi wooden ceiling eh semento na ang nakikita ko :) bigla tuloy ako na curios...amf

    > blog hopping :)

  2. Nice idea! I haven't seen one yet just like ferry pero mukhang nice sya. May other house ka pala sis! Ikaw na ang rich! Amen!

  3. it really looks durable..

    a visit from kim!


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