Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cambodia Houses

This is a typical house design that you could find in Cambodia. Unlike in the Philippines, house design in Cambodia is basic and simple. Although there are also houses here which are tastefully designed, those are are limited to families on the upper class. During the years that I've been here, I would say that Cambodians are quite lucky in the sense that building a house here is not as expensive as it is in the Philippines. Cambodia is a blessed country as this country is free from calamities. No, typhoons, earthquake and volcanic eruptions. They don't have any single volcano here. They don't have to build houses with strong and solid foundations and this is a big factor in the reduction of cost.

They are lucky, right?


  1. Wow! Walang natural calamities! Really blessed nga talaga. Nakamenos gastos pa! ;) So, is this the building to where you live?

  2. Talagang swerte sila at totoong malaking tipid yung hindi pag consider ng natural calamities...

    Dito kasi sa ating when building a house dapat i consider ung baha,bagyo, lindolat kung ano ano pa...

    How are you sis? Pareho ata tayong busy lately ah... Hehehe

  3. I find uniform houses orderly...ganda tingnan kasi neat di ba? Just that you have to remember your house no. You might enter the wrong one hehehe

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