Friday, April 13, 2012

Comfy Chair

Recently, I have just acquired a new "comfy chair" courtesy of our company. They issued one for every expatriate staff. I was happy to have this in my bedroom as there is now a place for me to sit and relax while watching my favorite "teleserye" online and whenever I feel like reading a book. This is not an expensive chair. Maybe it only costs around $10 to $15. This is very common in Cambodia. I always see this kind of chair around and on almost every house.

By the way, today marks the beginning of the Cambodian New Year! New year celebration here is 3 days which normally falls on April 13,14,15.

Happy Khmer New Year to our Cambodian friends!


  1. Next picture dapat naka-sitting pretty ka na diyan, Kriz ;) May Cambodian New Year din pala no? May celebration kayo diyan? :)

  2. Looks comfy nga... Naa-adjust pa yan sis? Siguro sarap umupo sa ganyan...

    Happy New Year sa Cambodia...:-)

  3. So that was why there was so much noise coming from my cambodian neighbor's house.

    Happy New Year Cambodians!

    Anyway, the chair doesn't look comfortable but I'm glad that it is! Looks like a space-saver too.


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