Sunday, April 22, 2012

Operation Smile

Just recently, I had the chance to hear about Operation Smile, an organization which aims to provide assistance to those children who badly needed cleft lip surgeries and whose parents could not afford to finance this operation. This is an awesome organization! Imagine the life changing experience that they can offer to these less fortunate children? As a parent, I understand the dilemma being faced by children having this kind of deformity. They could not afford to live a normal life and socialize with other children of their age. If they would stay in this condition for life, these children will be deprived of the chance to enjoy their youth and they will forever be discriminated. If you or your children happened to live a normal life, you must be very grateful and one way of showing it is to take part in this noble cause. How could this be possible? Well...I've heard about this company, Campus Book Rentals and I was thrilled to know that if you are into books or you have someone in the family who badly needed some text books, which are more often expensive, then you can now have the option to rent books for one semester at a very affordable price. This equates to huge savings from your budget for new text books. What makes it even more interesting is that for every book rented, a portion of this would go to Operation Smile. They are committed to donate enough funds to cover a minimum of 1,000 surgeries. Well, for me, that sounds great! It's like hitting two birds in one stone, you save enough for the purchase of textbooks and at the same time, you get to help those less fortunate children in your own simple way. Doesn't it sound fulfilling? The whole process is very simple, you just have to search for your textbook rentals, select the rental period, rent your books, receive your books and return the books after the agreed period. It's so easy. I think it's worth trying considering that in every book you rent, you are able to take part in a noble cause and help "Operation Smile" fulfill their goal of helping these children.
You can watch this video below to know more.


  1. well, that sounds really great.. if only a lot of people will participate..

    a visit from kim!

  2. I heard about this too yet unluckily, I haven't received an opp email of it. Huhu. More opps to come for you sis!


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