Saturday, May 19, 2012

Improvised Table

This is the improvised table that I've made for my room. Would you believe that this is just made from empty boxes? We just had our office set up weeks ago and there were lots of empty boxes that have to be thrown. I suddenly thought that I need a desk for my room and instead of buying a real one, I just made use of those empty boxes. I just bought some wall pictures and made use of these glossy posters to cover my desk and voila! I have an instant desk that's really neat and cute. The excess wall picture was used to complement my desk.

Isn't it cool? My expenses for my table? THB160 or $5. :)


  1. Wow! I love it! Ikaw na talaga! Fan mo na ko pagdating sa home churva ng kung anu ano. You just proved it na hindi ka lang punong puno ng ideas but akso very good in recycling! Biruin mong nakagawa ka nyan from empty boxes? Love it! Yung xpaghanga ko sayo, to the hayest level! ;)

  2. Ganda sis! Bonggang -bongga ang talent mo ha. Parang wala ako nyan eh... Hehehe

    So nice at ang laking tipid pa ha...

  3. Thak U Sisses! I always enjoy reinventing things. This is my passion. Especially anything that has something to do with home decorations.

    Thanks for the visit. Even we don't get to connect with each other regularly, at least, we still take time to get in touch once in a while.

    Great day!

  4. I LIKE this better than Sam Milby's furniture :)))


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