Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Better Bath Room?

As I am much into home decorating, my mind keeps on pondering about new innovations in home interiors.  Recently, I was just contemplating if I would include the idea of renovating the bathroom in our house that is "for rent".  Since, I've decided to renovate the house starting last April, I am thinking if I would have to include the bathroom in the existing renovation works.  I just saw that some tiles in the bathroom were already worn out and the bath room deserves a make over. I was looking into replacing the toilet bowl and lavatory.  I told myself that it would be great if I could get some rustic vanity in place.  But, considering that I've already reached the limit of my target budget for the said renovation, perhaps, I would just include this plan on the next phase of the renovation.  Hopefully, I could work on some extra budget for the future repair works. For now, I'm okay with what we had achieved for the project.

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