Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Building Your Own Blog

When I started to build my first blog site, I was clueless.  I actually got the inspiration from some Filipina bloggers in Phnom Penh when I stumbled upon their sites.  I was thrilled reading their posts about their personal life as well as those tips that they are giving to their readers.  After one month of reading their blogs, I began to feel that fervent desire to build my own blog.  During that time, blogging is really a new thing to me.  Aside from writing your own posts, I knew nothing about it's technicalities.  I really don't know how to start.  I began searching online for some free website builders and I was surprised that there are so many options available.  But since, I am a newbie, I have chosen the free blogger platform.  One long time blogger whom I met online told me that it would be good for a start and so I did.  I never regret that I've decided to blog as it really gives me some kind of fulfillment and because of this, I gained more friends and opportunities online.

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