Saturday, June 30, 2012

Comfy Bean Bags

If there's one thing in the house that me and the kids are particular about, I would say that it's the bean bag.  We just love having a bean bag at the living room and if possible in the bedroom, too.  When we had our "home make over" late last year, we played mix and match.  We have chosen orange, white and black for the color motif and it turned out really great!  We bought a black and white colored carpet for the living room and our living room sofa was reupholstered into black leather.  We had the small round throw pillows reupholstered into white color leather and so with the two bean bags which we used to place on the opposite side of our center table.  I loved the outcome. It's really cool!

Recently, I've found new designs for huge bean bags online and I just fell in love with it's comfy design.  See this huge bean bag in the photo?  How I wish to have one in my room. I think it's cool!  Bean bags are made from various materials and there's a lot of options to choose from. I would like to have one that has a machine washable cover so it would be easy for me to maintain.  I think it's functional as it could served both as a day time bed and a chair.  Also since, it's huge, it can even accommodate two to three people.  It's nice to be seated together while watching your favorite movies at home.  Since, it's made of light materials, it's easy to move anywhere you want it.  I like the newer versions that's out  in the market today coz it spells style and elegance.  Given the chance, I would definitely get one.

Will you be interested to have one, too?

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  1. Maybe we should get bean bags at home...the nephews like sitting on the floor...I figured they could get a little comfy with bean bags :-)


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