Friday, June 15, 2012

Computer Room

My kids especially my son had been urging me to build a computer room for them.  My two kids were both studious and they are much into doing research works.  Surprisingly both of them had developed that interest in video film making and editing and they spend most of their free time in front of the computer.

We already had a desktop computer in my son's room.  We bought it sometime last year after they complained that their laptop screen was damaged.  They take turns in using the desk top and they complained to me that they always fall behind their deadlines because of this, not to mention that they always end up arguing on who will use the desktop first.  Because of this, I'm thinking of looking for some laptops on sale.  I'm pretty sure that purchasing one will eventually solve their problems.  For the meantime, that could be the best solution, but I'm also looking into building a small home office one day which will served as our computer room, too.  After all, we all share the same interest, and that is facing the computer doing our own things online most of the times.

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