Friday, June 15, 2012

Entertainment Room

With the increasing number of living room appliances that we have, I once thought of putting up an entertainment room.  In fact, my daughter was suggesting to me before to convert one room into an entertainment room to relocate our home theater and television.  They also gave me the idea to decorate that room with some magazines stand and dvd rack since we already have a number of DVD players, Cd's and DVDs.  My husband and I used to buy DVD players abroad and bring these home in the Philippines.  Not only because these are cheaper abroad but also because our kids love to do movie marathon during school breaks and on weekends.  However, since we just had renovated the interiors of our house, we shifted our plan into just putting up a personalized wall unit which divides our living room and dining room.  The outcome was great.  All our friends and relatives appreciate the "new look" of our home.  We called it orange themed  living room as orange is the dominant color. It's so cool and I loved it, too!

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