Monday, June 18, 2012

Home Fitness Room

As we get older, our body system functions quite differently from how it used to be when we were younger, thus we should be more conscious of what our body needs.  I was a bit lucky that I am having a good metabolism and I do not need to take extra effort to maintain my ideal weight.  I'm not really a health enthusiast but I do take care of my health well. 

Since, I love fixing my home sweet home.  I never ran out of idea on how could I keep our home a perfect place for my family.  Me and my kids never failed to plan for some improvements in the house.  Since my husband loves to exercise as he gets scared of his growing tummy, I thought that it would also be nice to have a home fitness room where we could place some weights for exercise equipment.  It would also be good if we could have a home gym system.  There are lots of designs available in the market now which is not space consuming and already considered "all in one". Exercise is one thing that I've been neglecting thus I just opted to go for some therapeutic massage to get even.   Given an opportunity and after I'm able to set my priorities, I would certainly like to have a home fitness room someday.

1 comment:

  1. I want that room in my dream house too... Well, in the future :-)

    How are you sis? :-)


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