Friday, June 15, 2012

House Renovation

I am currently in the process of renovating my first house.  It was "for rent" for 5 years and the successive typhoons in the Philippines as well as the termites attack on woods had caused it's wear and tear.  The renovation started end of March and still ongoing.  We are now on the repainting works and electrical installation.  I had to replace the entire roofing of the house and take off the ceiling as these were severely damaged by termites.  It's quite costly to do major renovation works.  I've been spending more than 2 months of my salary already for that renovation but still not completed until now.

I've decided to have steel trusses for the roof and replaced all the window frames into solid materials, as in combination of steel and cement. All the built in wooden cabinets were removed, too.  Now, we're looking into purchasing some steel shelving as it's more durable and can definitely last for a long time.  That way, I can save on repair works in the long run.  I'm thinking that after all woods were replaced by steel and cement, all I will be required of is to maintain the house and so, I might be free from spending more on major repair works in the future.

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