Friday, June 22, 2012

Insuring Your Business

Perhaps every employee like me  plans of pursuing a business someday.  Why not? We cannot be in the rat race all the time.  Some says that being employed only gives you a fixed income but will never give you a chance to be rich. They maybe right or maybe wrong, too.  When you are employed, you can have a fixed budget and plan ahead.  Business sometimes takes a lot of risk and if you are not lucky enough, perhaps you won't succeed.  Business face liabilities each day.  Whether you like it or not, you are prone to losing your hard earned money if you will not properly take care of it.  I heard that some business owners are resorting to having their businesses insured.  In fact, a friend of mine mentioned to me about general liability insurance from  They have a home based business in US which they have started when her husband filed for his retirement.  I don't know much about getting insurance for business, but my friend told me that getting general liability insurance is like getting a shield for your business.  It is a first line defense against all kinds of claims.  It's good that I'm having a first hand information about this thing from a real life experience of a business owner friend.  That way, I will be equipped with all the basic knowledge required to protect my business someday.

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