Monday, June 18, 2012

Investment Options

Since I got married and able to land a good job, I've already started to look for some investment options. Being an employee is not easy and you are not guaranteed of a lifetime job unless you really works for a reputable company.  A lot of people thinks that being an employee won't bring you near to your dreams, unless you are the CEO of the company.  But for me, salary is not much of an issue for as long as you know how to handle your finances.  First and foremost, we should know how to invest our money and have this grows by itself. When I was just starting, I really opted to invest on real estate.  For me, I consider this a safe investment.  No doubt that the amount involved is high but you re assured that your investment is safe and yields a fixed income.  Well for others who are considering to start small, there are various options available like time deposits, treasury bills, stocks and fixed annuities.  I think fixed annuity rates can give you the assurance of a minimum guaranteed interest rate for a period of time.  I even heard that some annuities offer an upfront bonus which translates to an early payment of future interests.  I've never been to any of these except for the time deposits and of course, real estate.  But whatever you choose for your investment, the most important thing is you invest your hard earned money into something that will increase in value and something that you would look up to in the future.


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