Sunday, July 1, 2012

Japanese Style Pavillion

Design by : James Durie

I couldn't contain my excitement after seeing this Japanese inspired pavilion! What interests me most is the stepped display of the bonsai trees.  Isn't it a unique way of bringing life to your dull space?

I particularly like the use of woods.  It looks so elegant!  Did I already mention here before that I'm dying to have a bonsai collection?  Yes, I am!  I'm looking forward to going home one day seeing a lots of bonsais around my front yard.  It will surely makes me happy. :)

One thing that I like most in this design is that it's very simple and inexpensive.  You can do away with just few pieces of woods, paints and plants.  It's very cozy and attractive!  I like the way the dining table was set up.  It's really perfect for small dinners particularly "shabu shabu".  How about inviting your friends for some dim sums one fine afternoon?  I'm sure you'll be able to give them some perfect ambiance that they will surely appreciate!

I hope I could have something like this in my house someday. :)


  1. This is such a nice and cozy pavillion. I love the swing, that's a swing right? bookmarking this.

    1. Yes, you're right Sis! it's really cozy talaga. Yeah, that's a wooden swing on the side and I really loved it too.

      Thanks for the visit and book marking this site. :)


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