Friday, July 6, 2012

Hosting A Home Party

Early this year, I hosted a birthday party for my daughter Mika.  She just wanted a simple party with only her close friends and classmates invited. Since, I'm working away from home on most months in a year, I wanted to make sure that I would be able to please my daughter on her special day.  I personally prepared and cooked all the foods that were set on the table but of course with the assistance of our lovely housekeeper and my eldest son.  We got a special cake for her and  we also served some sweets and candies on the table. I asked my daughter if she wanted a Candy Gift with a personalized thank you note to be given away as souvenir to each of her friends and classmates but she told me that a simple gathering with all her favorite foods on the table is more than enough.  I was pleased by how the foods turned out.  The presentation was great and everybody appreciated everything that we have prepared for her.  My son Edmar prepared a short video clip of her sister showing her collection of photos.  We've played the video clip on the LCD screen at the dining area. Hosting a home party is not very easy.  In fact,  it's really tiring but as long as it's well planned and organized, I don't see any reason for any Mom to fail.  More importantly, a sweet smile on the face of your loved one is enough consolation for all the hard work.

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