Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Maintaining Leather Furniture

In my quest to maintain a good look for my home sweet home, I'm always on a look out for new design ideas and storage solutions for our house. Decorating my house is a sort of stress reliever for me and I always find pleasure looking at a well maintained and managed house.  But I realized that maintaining the beauty of our homes does not only pertain to home decorations, more importantly, a great percentage of house maintenance depends largely on our efforts to take care of what we already have in the house and this involves cleaning and taking precautionary measures in keeping our furniture in top condition.

Since we've decided to go leather in our living room on our recent "home make over".  Our next concern is how to take good care of our leather furniture.  Just like the fabric covered sofa, leather sofa needs a careful attention, too. I've learned over the years that sofa need not be washed by harsh detergents as it will affect it's color and shine.  Good thing that there is a  leather furniture conditioner that could help us in keeping those leathers in tip top shape.  Routine leather cleaning is recommended to maintain a longer life span for our leather furniture.  Fading color is one of the most common problems encountered in leather furniture and since leather furniture are expensive, we must take extra effort to maintain it.  We must always do a pre-test before applying any cleaning solution to the leather and using a white, clean lint free cloth is always recommended.  It's a good thing that there are products available that can be used in transforming our leather furniture back to life and knowing the basics of how to clean our home furniture is a must for every home maker.   

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