Monday, July 2, 2012

Must Gadgets For Your Homes

I think every Mom out there would agree that one of the "must gadgets for your home" is a digital camera. All Moms certainly love to capture photos of their kids, more so of their homes. I do! I love capturing every little things at home ranging from my home decors, DIY projects, newly discovered recipes, garden and home accessories.  As a blogger, I always like to bring along my digicam with me whenever I go on trips.  Who knows, I might be able to capture some interesting subjects for my blogs.  

I discovered though that long hours of traveling requires you to have extra batteries for your digital cameras.  Since, I'm using a Canon digital camera, I tried to source for canon camera batteries online. It would be good to have a spare for my future trips as we are a family who loves to travel and taking photos normally takes up a lot of our time during travels. I guess, it won't hurt to get a spare to ensure that we will not miss any important event or view during our planned trips.    

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