Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seat Cushions

When we did a "make over" for our house  last year, hubby had also included giving our dining set a "new look".  Well, nothing could be done much on our wooden table but just to change the table cloth and place mats but hubby got our dining chairs reupholstered into black leather as well to match our reupholstered sofa in the living room.  This move is also to stick with our chosen color motif of black, white and orange.  I also suggested hubby and the kids to look for some affordable chair pads with trendy slip on covers.  This could also give a reviving look in our dining area on some important occasions.  I preferred the ones that can be removed every now and then and would allow us to experiment on chair covers, too.  I really love to mix and match.  I find it really interesting and it brings out the artistic side of me. 

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