Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Steel Trusses

In the making

When we decided to renovate the house after our former tenant left, I personally decided to go for steel trusses in favor of the traditional woods for our roofing materials.  The land where this house is located has been infested by termites and it caused me problems as we have to do some repairs every now and then.  I was told by a neighbor that this can be attributed to the presence of some large trees around the area.  

Actually, I loved the location of this house, the place is airy and not congested as compared to living in the major town area.  I also never had a problem looking for tenants in this house as many people usually get interested to rent after they have seen it.  Now, when we get this house repaired, we've changed all the woods into steel and cement and hopefully, this will solve the termite problem.  On the other hand, I guess using woods or steel trusses for the roof will just give you the same cost especially now that the cost of woods is getting higher and higher.  In this case, going for steel trusses is really a wise move, I guess.

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