Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Travel Essential

As I've mentioned before, I spend nearly 50% of my time each day facing my computer.  I have a lot of catching up to do online, thus I can't afford to miss any new emails or any activities in the world wide web.  That's why every time I travel, I used to bring my Samsung notebook with me.  Sometimes, I find it rather difficult to bring my notebook since I normally travel for shopping and visiting places, thus it's not convenient for me to carry one in my backpack.  I am thinking if it would be good to look for the Best tablet, instead.  Why not? Tablet is more handy, compact and light weight plus it is easier to use when you are on board a bus or car.  I think it would be a good travel essential for those people on the go.  For now, I have to look at my priorities first as I have just undergone a major expenses due to my recent project of renovating the house.  I'll put this on my future plans, though.

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