Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Way Of Caring For Your Homes

June to August is the season of typhoons in the Philippines and during this period, I cannot help but worry.  You see, a lot of discomfort happens during this time and more often, our home sweet home is always faced with the natural wear and tear brought about by heavy rains and floods.  One common problem that I observed during this period is the accumulation of molds indoor and outdoor.  These molds reproduce and digest whatever they are growing on.  Presence of molds on woods, carpet, walls and even on food items stored in our cup boards really gives us discomfort aside from the fact that it can cause structural problems in our homes.  I've been thinking of  how to control indoor mold growth until I realized that in order to control mold, we have to control moisture.

Recently, I came across a site on  Ottawa insulation. I would admit, it's my first time to hear about spray foam insulation and I was amazed with the many benefits that it can offer to our homes.  It can seal our homes from air and moisture intrusion, thus preventing the accumulation of my number one enemy at home, molds!  Not only that, I've learned that Spray foam Ottawa can add strenght to our home's building structure, can help us save on energy costs, thus lowers our utility bills to nearly 40%.  We can actually choose between closed cell spray foam and open cell spray foam which are both highly effective.  They offer the most environmentally-friendly spray-foam insulation and we don't need to worry about safety procedures and health concerns.  Their service comes with warranty and installation is normally done by highly qualified professionals. Sometimes, I am thinking that this kind of home protection can be very costly but looking on long term benefits, I think we could be getting back our money by saving on the cost of repairs on the building and on the reduction in our utility bills since energy can be conserved. 

It's really hard to maintain our home sweet home, but the rewards of staying in a safe, clean, and durable homes is always a plus factor.



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  3. It does look costly, but if it could protect your home, why not? I sure hope it is really environment friendly and safe for health as they claim it to be.

  4. Yes molds is our problem too. There's a paint that says can prevent mold from inhabiting and we are planning to repaint our home.


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