Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Green Thumb

I was chatting with my Mom the other day, when suddenly I had a good laugh after she mentioned about her inability to tender the garden at the moment.  She sounds like a bit desperate and I didn't expect that with the current weather condition in the Philippines, she would still insist to have a regular visit to our home garden. My Mom is quite old already and I do not permit her to go out of the house especially when it's constantly raining as  I don't want her to get any accident. The possibility of her slipping down the floor is very evident with a wet ground and I don't want to take chances.  When she raised that concern to me, I consoled her by saying that there's no need to water the plants at the garden anyway or do anything at the moment and our garden would be okay.  My Mom has a green thumb.  She has that great passion for plants and gardening, thus, it explains why I was really hooked into gardening.  We used to take care of the garden together when I was still working in the Philippines.  I told Mom to leave the garden to the care of our house helper but Mom would like to do the job herself even I don't really like the idea of her getting too tired.

Next summer, I am planning to buy a suitable garden hose for her so things will be a lot easier.  Well, it doesn't need to be a heavy duty penflex metal hose.  Just something that she could use to water the plants so she doesn't need to carry a bucket of water every time she goes around the garden area.  On the contrary, I was thinking that somehow, gardening should never be taken away on my Mom's daily routine.  It's a good form of exercise for her and it creates an outlet for her to relax and entertain herself.

I'll be home this October and I myself is so excited to have a sight of my garden once again.  I am looking forward to see how robust are my plants now and I would also like to do some trimmings on some of our ornamental plants.  Hope that the consistent typhoons in the Philippines would not cause massive destruction on my home garden.


  1. I love plants and flowers but they don't seem to have the same feelings for me. All the bonsais and orchids that I had, died on me. :( But I'm not giving up. One of these days....

  2. So love your mom for being that passionate for plants and gardening. Talagang kapag passion ano, lahat gagawin maging perfect lang. I hope that she doesn't get overworked in the garden though. Hinay hinay lang kay mader.

  3. I love plants too! I don't have much space in our house yet I still have a garden here (potted plants nga lang).


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