Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home Restoration Products

As many parts in my house were tiles covered like our floors, bathroom, inside kitchen as well as our dirty kitchen, I am in search of some products which could help us maintain our tiles in good condition.  As I was browsing online, I saw this Rejuvenate Tile and Grout Cleaner which says "Remove Cake-On Dirt and Grimes".  I guess, it's user friendly cause you just need t spray it on any surface that you would like to clean and it does the cleaning by itself.  You don't have to scrub and it continues to clean long after you are done.  I think it will save us more time in cleaning and is a very good cleaning aid especially for those Moms on the go.

Here is another variant that I like: Grout Renewer Pens

These renewer pens allow anyone to get professional results in no time.  It's easy to apply, doesn't mess up and restores the color of your grouts in a snap.  I think it's great for Moms, too as we don't need to ask for professional help when we feel like we wanted to restore the beauty and cleanliness of our tiles grout anytime.

As I just saw these products online, I am not sure if these products are available on stores worldwide but I think, this can be ordered online.  I think these home restoration products can help most home makers in maintaining their homes always looking clean and beautiful.


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  2. This is such a useful information sis... Thanks!

  3. yay, I like it too :) yan pa naman ang problem ko din bahay namen ngaun!! huhu :) dahil nga medyo matagal na yung tiles namen, hndi na maganda ang kulay ng grout ko!!! sana nga available na din yan sa market!! hehehe

    >> thanks for sharing this tip!!! krizza sizzy :) hehehe

  4. Ugh this is one of my main problems in the house too :/
    My floor tiles (installed by the developer) are white with white grout. Same with my bathroom floor. Cleaning them IS A PAIN. Even after cleaning. It looks like you didn't clean it at all. I hate white grout!!! I was even considering re-grouting it because I read that's the only way to really~ get them to turn white again. :/


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