Sunday, August 19, 2012

Relaxing Outdoor Space

This outdoor design by Patricia Wagner proves only one thing! That beating stress and finding ways to relax need not be expensive. And the good news is.....

You can do it within the confines of your homes and outdoors.  :)

This garden design allows a lot of sun shine and fresh air to come in and provides ample light for some reading activities. Since there is a garden atmosphere with all those lovely greens, this outdoor space provides a better place for entertainment, as well.

How about having some coffee and cakes with your friends while chatting or perhaps discussing some business ideas?

This relaxing outdoor space will certainly bring us some peace and quiet moments that's truly invigorating! 


  1. that's a lovely garden! it's so nature

  2. Very relaxing scenery geeez I LOVE it ^^. -> miss JHENZ

  3. I used to (still do) like this type of garden design. Sort of wild and very green. But since my friend's dad got bitten by a snake. I had second thoughts. :( Especially our farm is surrounded by rice fields. I wonder if there are ways to keep the snakes off our gardens~

  4. I wish we have a wonderful outdoor space like that! This is really nice it could be a quick escape after a stressing day. :)

  5. oh wow..i wish we could put this up on our terrace. hope winter comes early this year. summer is killing all our outdoor plants.

  6. this is a DREAM garden! how i love to have something like that...

    by the way, can you please check THIS out?

  7. Great looking space! We just added two patios to our house. And so far we are loving the added outdoor space! Next we just have to look for more furniture to go along with it.


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