Saturday, September 1, 2012

Caring For Our Pets At Home

It's been 6 months since we first acquired our shih tzu pup named Lucio.  He was actually a gift to my daughter Mika.  My daughter had long been wanting to have a shih tzu pup and she keeps on expressing her great desire to have one.  Being a Doting Mom, I couldn't resist the request of my daughter as seeing her pleased and happy has always been my top priority.  So, Lucio came to our family.  He was personally chosen by Mika among the five pups that were available at the shop that time. I guess, Lucio was just perfect.  He is cute, adorable, sweet and funny.  The last time I've seen him was March of this year as I need to return to my job over seas. My kids are constantly updating me about Lucio and his usual antics.  His size now is that of a full grown shih tzu and oh my, he has grown very cute.  I got to see him via webcam every time I chat with the kids.  Now that my kids attention are mostly on him, I just wonder on what will happen if we lost him.  I don't want to entertain that idea, though.

Since Lucio has been very naughty now and usually go out of the house to check who is coming at the house, my daughter is worrying that he might go out of the gate one day and get lost.  Most of the time, they are in school and couldn't watch him.  I suggested them to get Lucio some cute dog id tags. I have seen some designs online and I think it would be best to get one for Lucio. However, my daughter suggested to get custom dog tags for dogs instead.  She said she wants something special for her baby Lucio.

Indeed, it's true that dogs are man's best friend.  I could see how happy my daughter was after Lucio came into her life.  Lucio brings her company and he brings joy to everyone in our house.  He may be naughty at times, but nothing can replace the love and affection that he's been giving to my daughter.

For me, that's priceless.


  1. I think ID tags is really important for pets like Lucio. He is not just an ordinary pet in the house but an important member of an extended family :)

    I miss you sis!

  2. I wish I were not that afraid to be bitten by a dog. Lucio is so cute and adorable, but I probably wouldn't go that near to him hehehe.


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