Friday, September 21, 2012

Carpet Cleaning And Maintenance

I used to be fascinated in floor carpets.  Why not? It adds beauty, comfort and elegance to our homes.  I also love the idea of choosing the right color of carpets to match the color motif of my house.  As I always been saying in my previous posts, I am a person who loves to mix and match.  I used to have a carpeted living room. That was when we are still staying on our first house.  We have two living rooms then.  The first living room was designed solely for the purpose of accepting visitors, while our second living room was designed to be a family area, an entertainment room.  We never had chairs or sofa in our second living room.  The entire floor is carpeted and we just had a bunch of square throw pillows dressed up in cute, trendy and colorful pillow cases scattered all over the floor.  We had a wall unit in one corner where we put up some ceramics for display, as well as our TV, DVD player, component and karaoke. It has been the favorite spot in our house where the family gathers together every night.

Everything seems to be perfect but one problem that always confronts me is how to maintain the cleanliness, the color and the elegance of our carpet.  We can't totally avoid those stains brought about by spilled coffee, milk and juices. We used to clean our carpet using a vacuum cleaner but I guess, it's not enough.  Carpets should be treated more seriously.

Here are some tips to keep those lovely carpets in good shape:

  1. Never attempt to remove the stains on carpet by rubbing it hard using a brush after applying detergents.  I've done it once, and I just cause the stain to spread on other areas of the carpet.  It also weakens the fibers of the carpet.
  2. Never let liquid spills stay long on the carpet.  Immediately brush the surface gently with an old tooth brush and try using lemon juice and salt solution to remove the stain especially on colored carpets.  I never use bleach or harsh chemicals as much as possible.
  3. Sometimes, the stain goes through the surface of the rugs and I used to find a thick cloth or foam to absorb the stain first before trying to remove it.
  4. I am always on the look out for best carpet shampoos in the market and I choose the ones without strong chemicals.  
  5. Regularly maintain the cleanliness of your carpet by having it vacuumed at least thrice a week to get rid of those accumulated dust and dirt.
  6. From experience, I find that steam carpet cleaning is still the best. It thoroughly cleans the outer and inner surface of the carpet and it leaves the carpet looking fresh and really clean.  We can make use of steam cleaners available in the market, but if your entire house is carpeted including all the rooms, I think it would be best to seek the services of professional carpet cleaners.  Not only they can assure you of best quality result but they can also save you a great deal of time and effort.
The best challenge that home makers used to face is ensuring that our homes are well kept and managed. For me, cleanliness and orderliness in the house is even more important than just keeping it beautiful and pleasant. This affects the health and total well being of every member of the family and it something that we always have to prioritize.

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