Monday, September 17, 2012

Dividing Your Space And Experimenting with Colors

      Photo credit : hgtv

Traditionally, curtains are being used to separate an area.  Maybe, because it's the easiest, simplest, cheapest and the most common way of dividing a space.  However, home decorating and designing transcends from traditional to modern, and that's the time when using wall units and dividers came into the picture.  But just like clothes, home designing evolves and eventually returns back to it's previous state. But the creative hands and minds of some Interior Designers are always ready to give some twist by injecting new trends in home decorating.

See the photo above? A sheer curtain was used as a divider to separate the living room and the dining room.  Simple as it is, the design which combines colors of rust, brown, tan and gold made the entire space elegant and appealing.  Designer Vanessa DeLeon was able to convert this space into a comfortable and soothing Asian inspired house.  But the one that really catches my attention is the dining table :).  Pebbles of various colors and sizes were used to adorn the table.  It was covered with clear glass and it looks very unique and elegant.

I think, I saw a similar one in Phnom Penh in one of the restaurants where I dine before.  But apart from pebbles, they also made use of some artificial flowers but it's also very cool! :)

Well, I'm glad that this color combination is a little bit similar to the current color motif in our house.  

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  1. Great interior. Hope I can do the same thing with my house as well.


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