Friday, September 21, 2012

Light Bulbs And Fixtures

Being a home maker, I always wanted to have a basic knowledge on simple maintenance jobs in the house.  I've always been a working Mom since day one and I barely have time to know more about plumbing basics, painting, using electric drills and even simple things like light bulbs and fixtures.  My husband has long been working overseas and even before I was working in our own country, I also attend to a lot of personal stuff in the house apart from my regular job, thus I always shun away doing those "man's job" in the house.  I always tell myself that I could hire a professional help, anyway.

However, over the years, I've seen the necessity of going through the basics.  I don't even understand much about light bulbs and fixtures considering that it is the most common thing in the house.  I just know that there are various types of light bulbs designed for a specific use and I just tried to familiarize myself on what type of light bulbs would I use to save on energy consumption, thereby cutting some amount in my monthly electric bills.  I know that there are different types of fixtures for under cabinet lighting, accent lighting and even decorative lighting.  There are even wall light fixtures that can add drama in your bedrooms.  But it's only recently that I came to know much about airport lighting. I used to travel a lot since I've started to work abroad and I could see those airport lighting fixtures.  One company that specializes in aviation lights and various airport lighting products is Genesis Lamp Corporation.  They offer various products like LED runway lights, LED airport lights and solar runway lights.  

Though it's a little bit complicated, knowing various kinds of light bulbs and fixtures can enhance our basic knowledge of what products are designed for specific needs and knowing these requirements may help us to choose the products that we have to purchase the next time we require one.  

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